Youth Ages 4 - 17

Summer Camps

2021 Summer Camps

Our summer camps are awesome adventures for youth ages 4 to 17. The week long format allows for lasting bonds to be formed between students, peers and instructors. With extra focus on summer survival strategies specific to Indiana, we immerse ourselves in the arts of tracking, camouflage, navigation, wild edible plants, water purification, primitive hunting, and fire. Each group of 10 students is led by one expert primitive skills instructor and one assistant (Fire-Keeper). Our days are filled with ancient stories, wondering, deep nature connection, comprehensive instruction, games, and fun. For more on our Core routines and 8 Shields model please visit our Youth Programs page.

COVID-19 Update

Summer Camps at White Pine are our single most popular program.  Every year there is tremendous competition for what few spots are available, and due to COVID-19 these spots are even more limited in 2021. Families enrolled in Forest and After School programs have a two week early-bird registration period that begins Jan 15th. We anticipate that nearly all Summer Camp spots will be filled by families with students enrolled in Forest and After School programs.

At Noon on January 29th,  we will open up our system for Waitlist requests from the general public for all Scout (ages 10+) Camps. All applications for summer camp are automatically waitlisted and Credit Cards are not charged until students are enrolled. We will not be offering open enrollment for Tree Frogs (ages 4-6) or Flying Squirrel (ages 7-9) camps this summer. White Pine is currently making structural changes, training new staff,  pursuing partnerships, and undertaking fundraising projects to expand our capacity. If you still wish to being the enrollment process, please fill out all forms for 2021 in advance of January 29th to make your application process smoother and quicker.


Early Bird: JAN 15 @ Noon

Public: JAN 29 @ Noon

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