Summer Camps


You may still register to get on our waitlist. We will not be issuing refunds after March 5th. 

2021 Summer Camps

A week long adventure fueled by nature connection and survival skills! Our Summer Camps are great outdoor experiences for ages 7-12. The week long format allows for lasting bonds to be formed between students, peers and instructors. Camps are split into three age groups: Flying Squirrels (7-9), Scouts (10-12), and Firekeepers (13-17).

Flying Squirrels Camp | An 8 Shields Immersion

With an extra focus on summer survival strategies specific to Indiana, we immerse ourselves in the arts of tracking, camouflage, navigation, wild edible plants, water purification, primitive hunting, and fire. Our days are filled with ancient stories, wandering, deep nature connection, comprehensive instruction, games, and fun. 30 campers are split into groups of 10 for the week, led by an expert instructor's patrol.

Dates: June 21-25, July 19-23 | Cost: $315 (FULL, Waitlist Only)

Scouts Camp | A Focus on Skills

Rooted in our 8 Shields Curriculum, campers choose a specific path to follow for the week that focuses on skills of the archetype: Protectors, Healers, Providers, or Shadows. Days are filled with deepening our knowledge and skillset that allows us to focus on the desired pathway. 28 campers are split into groups of 7 that will follow the path of their choosing with an expert instructor.

Dates: June 14-28, June 28-July 2, July 12-16, July 26-30 | Cost: $400

Explore Paths

PROTECTORS | SOUTHEAST SHIELD: Self Defense, Strength, Movement

HEALERS | EAST SHIELD: Plant ID, Foraging, Medicine Making

PROVIDERS | WEST/NORTHWEST SHIELD: Archery, Tracking, Bow Building

SHADOWS | SOUTH/SOUTHWEST SHIELD: Quest Survival, Fire, Scouting

Firekeeper Camp | Mentors in Training

Our Firekeeper program is filled with passionate individuals who love the outdoors and enjoy learning! Firekeepers work alongside instructors as they train to be youth mentors. Responsibilities include but are not limited to: assisting in instruction, facilitating guilds, leading stories, and tending to the space. We offer two training programs that prepares them for the year. Firekeepers must complete training in order to enter and stay in the program.

Firekeeper 1 Camp

First time Firekeepers are eligble for Firekeeper 1 Camp. Students will learn about the 8 Shields and leadership skills essential for facilitating youth in our curriculum model. With a focus on skills and learning qualities of a mentor, students will leave prepared to begin mentor training at Forest School in the fall.

Dates: June 7-11 | Time: 9 am - 4pm | Cost: $400

Firekeeper 2 Camp

Second year Firekeepers dive deeper into skills, outdoor leadership, and what it means to be a mentor in the natural world. Students will learn what to expect for their next phase in mentorship.

Dates: June 7-11 | Time: 9 am - 4pm | Cost: $400