Youth Camps

Scouts: Ages 9-up

Year Round. Semester, Monthly and Drop-in Registration available.

Through deep nature connection and full sensory immersion into their environment students are mentored into finding their strengths and 'medicine.'

The Village model allows students to thrive in a 1-to-5 adult to student ratio. Through the arts of questioning and storytelling, we meet students where they are, share their passions, and move forward with challenges and inspiration.

The philosophy of the Scout remains one of White Pine’s core values. The practice of expanding one's awareness while mitigating one's disturbance is a deeply transformative journey.

Coyote Scouts ages 9-10 are just stepping into the philosophy of the scout through silent movement, camouflage, and the development of a quiet mind.
Wolf Scouts ages 11-12 are advancing in the skills of survival, tracking, and awareness.
Warrior Scouts are at the age of leadership development, rights of passage, and advanced skills of hunting and gathering.

All 3 of the Scout age groups' camps are run at the same time with a customized focus on areas of interest.

Our Curriculum is The Sacred Order:
  • Fire
  • Shelter
  • Water
  • Food
Nature is our classroom:
  • Plants and Foraging
  • Mammals, tracking, and biology
  • Awareness, navigation, and preparedness
Primitive Technology is our skillset:
  • Bushcraft and ancestral skills
We are professional naturalists, primitive technologists, and educators trained in Coyote mentoring. All of our staff is CPR/first aid certified with updated background checks.
The Village Model we embrace allows students to gravitate towards the skills and mentors they choose. While exploring the surrounding habitat, our groups always have one lead instructor and one trained assistant per every group of 10 students.

The village of Rocky Ripple is tucked between the White River, the canal towpath, the Riviera Club and Butler University. White Pine campus is a primitive skills playground surrounded by riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, and parkland.

Long-term multi-year mentoring relationships between students and their teachers make White Pine Day Camps an incredible learning opportunity.
  • Every Tuesday and Thursday from late August to late May
  • 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
  • Please bring a lunch, water bottle, and appropriate gear for the weather (we love Carhartt and Boggs in the winter and strap on sandals in the summer).
  • Drop-in available at a cost of $40 per day, monthly registration at a 10%-15% discount, and semester registration at a 15%-20% discount
Scout After School Camps are a great way to let off some steam from the day, move, have fun, and focus.
  • Every Wednesday from late August to late May
  • 4:00 pm - 6:30 pm
  • Drop-in available at a cost of $20 per day with discounts for monthly and semester registrations
Overnights are awesome opportunities just for Scouts. Nighttime is the favorite time for Scout missions.
  • Once per month
  • Noon on Saturday - noon on Sunday
  • Meals provided
  • Cost = $120
  • Scout Summer Camps are week-long day camps culminating in an optional overnight
  • Camps meet from 9am to 4pm Monday - Friday with the option to stay overnight on Thursday
  • There are four sessions to choose from: June 4-8, June 18-22, July 9-13, July 23-27
  • Cost = $250
Come experience the power of deep nature connection at White Pine.