Overnight Camps

Epic 24-hour experiences in the riparian corridor of the White River

These epic adventures include night games, campfire stalks, scouting missions and all our usual curriculum of nature, skills, and movement. Overnight camps are available to only 12 Coyote or Warrior Scouts per month and are led by a White Pine Lead Instructor along with one assistant. Campers sleep together in the yurt or in the main building with access to showers and a kitchen. Two meals and snacks will be provided. These are great opportunities for our regular students to push beyond their comfort zone through ceremonial rites of passage like solo fires, extended sit spots, and blindfold exercises.

This immersive experience will be full of the same skill building, storytelling, and nature connections as other White Pine programs, but with the unbroken momentum of a full 24 hours to create a truly one-of-a-kind-experience for campers.

For more information on our 8 shields curriculum model, visit our Youth Programs Overview page.

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