Internship Program

About the Intership

Year Long Commiment

An internship at White Pine Wilderness Academy is an opportunity to grow as a skills practitioner, naturalist, and young adult.

Expectations of Intern

  • Prepared to be both a learner and a mentor
  • Reliable transportation and communication
  • Willing to mentor youth on trade for adult programming and skills mentoring
  • Willing to do labor (wood splitting, cleaning, landscaping, etc) on trade for pay

  • 4 Agreements of Intern

  • Receptive to in-depth guidance on how to be a White Pine mentor
  • On-time to scheduled commitments and consistent in communication
  • Eager to learn and participate
  • Maintain conduct expected of an adult

  • 4 Agreements of Mentors

  • Clear in our expectations
  • Available as a mentor and guide
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for growth and push interns edges
  • Provide a reference and a resource for future opportunities

  • Upon successful completion of internship a formal apprenticeship will be offered to those qualified.

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    Focus Areas

    • Woodcraft
    • Natural Hazards & Survival
    • Sensory Awareness
    • Plant ID & Herbalism
    • Ethnomusicology
    • Community Building

    • Naturalist Routines
    • Animal Tracking
    • Advanced Bird Language
    • Primitive Shelter
    • Fire By Friction
    • Storytelling