Forest School

Year-long and semester registration available.

White Pine Forest School

White Pine Forest School is a unique opportunity for Indiana families looking for preschool, kindergarten, or homeschool enrichment with a Nature Connection focus. Our camps are life changing, deeply empowering, and loads of fun. Spots typically sell out in just a few days!

Our home campus is tucked in the village of Rocky Ripple next to the Central Canal and Butler University along the riparian corridor of the Wapahani River. Our mentors utilize a customized version of the 8 Shields Nature Connection model (by Jon Young) to guide children in finding their place, both in community and in the natural world. Come experience the regenerative power of a life connected to environment, community, and ancestry.


TREE FROGS | Ages 4-6
classes held on Wednesdays & Fridays

classes held on Wednesdays & Fridays

SCOUTS | Ages 9 and up
classes held on Tuesdays & Thursdays

FIREKEEPERS | Teen mentors in training
inquire via email

  • All Forest School days go from 10am - 3pm
  • 2019-2020 School Year: Aug 20, 2019 - May 15, 2020
  • We rarely close camp for weather
  • No refunds for absences or sick days

There will be NO Forest School on these dates:
October 15 - 18
November 28 - 29
December 24 - January 3
March 31 - April 3

  • Registration & Cost

    2019 Winter/Spring Semester (January-May) has sold out.
    Forest School waitlists help us scale up by creating additional classes so be sure to join the waitlist!
    All classes are capped at 20 students and fill up quickly.
    Monthly payment plans are available.

  • Availability

    Year-long (AUG 20, 2019 – MAY 15, 2020) registration opens February 1st at Noon.
    We offer a monthly payment plan throughout the 10-month school year.
    The first payment is due at time of registration.
    Choose to enroll for either one OR two days a week.
    The full school year costs $1,360 for one day/week ($136/month) or $2,720 for two days/week ($272/month).

Join our Waitlist!

Our waitlist not only helps up fill spots that become available from cancellations but it also allows us to scale up our programs according to interest.


Each day at White Pine is different depending on the weather, changes in natural cycles, and opportunities presented by teachable moments. However, the basic structure for the day follows a relatively consistent schedule.

  • The day starts with drop-off, greeting, & free play
  • Next, Opening Circle with Gratitude, Songs, Stories, & perhaps even a game or two
  • Next, focus time for projects in the Unit’s Guilds
  • Then, Group Lunch
  • The day will typically include a field excursion to the Wapahani River’s riparian corridor, Butler campus, or the Central Canal
  • The day ends with Closing Circle to debrief the day & look forward to the next White Pine day

Our Unifying Curriculum is based on the Sacred Order of Shelter, Fire, Water, and Food. Our Core routines include carving, archery, fire building, tracking, storytelling, naturalist skills, scouting, and adventure. The guilds that appear within each Shield are not limited to that time of year, just explored in more depth.


Southwest Unit (Aug 20 – Sep 30) The Southwest is that hot and dry time between summer and autumn. This is the home of the the Scouts, the invisible ones and the archetype of the trickster. Those who are strong in the Southwest can have trouble in confined learning environments needing their awareness on multiple things at once. Our focus animal is the Coyote. The Southwest Shield offers additional focus on the Guilds of: Scouting, Packing, and Caching.

West Unit (Oct 1 – Nov 15) The West is autumn a time of harvest and celebration. Here we cultivate the qualities of community, celebration and abundance. Our focus animal is the Sandhill Crane. The West Shield offers additional focus on the Guilds of: Music, Instruments, Wood Chopping, Hunting, and Cooking.

Northwest Unit (Nov 16- Dec 20) The Northwest is the crepuscular time when the last blue light fades into black. The winds are growing colder and a few stubborn leaves still cling to the trees. The white tailed buck can be seen looking over his shoulder before disappearing into the woods for the winter. Most of us are preparing for bed, but the trackers are out again for one final sit spot before nightfall. Our focus animal is the White-tailed Deer. The Northwest Shield offers additional focus on the Guilds of: Shikari (tracking), Trapping, Fibre Cordage, and Knots.


North Unit (Jan 7 – Feb 15) The North is associated with the cold winter and the darkness of night, here like the trees, we draw our energies inward to rest and reflect. Our focus animal is the Buffalo. The North Shield offers additional focus on the Guilds of: The Inside Sit Spot, Journaling, Culture, Sewing, Shelter, Storytelling, Inner Tracking, and Hides and Tanning.

Northeast Unit (Feb 16 – Mar 30) The Northeast is associated with that sacred time between the darkness of night and the blue light of dawn, here we nourish the qualities of empathy, awareness, inner calm, and asceticism. Our focus animal is the Owl. The Northeast Shield offers additional focus on the Guilds of: Sit Spot, The Quiet Mind, Baskets, Pots, and Quivers.

East Unit (Apr 7 – May 15) The East is associated with the fresh energy of dawn and spring, here we cultivate the love and enthusiasm of the naturalist and the conservationist. Our focus animal is the Snapping Turtle. The East Shield offers an additional focus on the Guilds of Plants, Foraging, Ecology, and Water.