About inner Tracking

The cultural model of our Rendezvous will be managed by our Inner Tracking team (Matt Shull, Angela Hayes, Michael Hood, Rachel Watts, Scott Salmon, Colleen Donahue). The practices of bringing our minds together in gratitude, meals, giving trees, and storytelling help maintain a nurturing environment for the village.  

Dawn and dusk Sit Spot practice, sensory immersion, awareness mentoring, forest bathing, and yoga invite participants into the peace of the quiet mind.

These practices will be available to all participants. 

Colleen Donahue will be offering Adult Sivananda and Youth Yoga sessions. 

Angela Hays will be offering a Forest Therapy Walk.  

What is a Forest Therapy Walk?

In its simplest form, it is a relational and sensory experience that serves to re-introduce us to the forest and to the natural environment around us. It serves to mobilize our innate affinity for natural environments, while igniting our natural curiosity and sense of wonder. A Forest Therapy Walk is an invitation to the forest where we might possibly find a relationship long lost or to connect with it in a new way. As a guide, I will open the door to that opportunity through a 2.5 – 3 hour guided experience. Dress should be comfortable and weather appropriate. We will embark on our experience rain or shine. Please bring a water bottle and something small and portable to sit on (a small foam pad or crazy creek works great)! I will have a limited number of camping stools available. 

We Stay Free.