About Herbalism and Foraging

Our White Pine Herbalism and Foraging Instructors (Ross Harding, Gregory Monzel, Colleen Donahoe) are lifelong practitioners and truly passionate about their work.

The four teaching modules for Herbalism and Foraging at the White Pine Spring Rendezvous will be:

  1. Foraging Spring Greens
  2. Plant Connection Workshop 
  3. Mushroom Foraging Walk
  4. Healing with Tree Medicines

Foraging Spring Greens Walk with Greg Monzel: Gather salad greens, flowers, and shoots on a short walk.  Learn about identification and preparation tips for edible field greens. Prepare a mixed greens salad to share with camp for lunch. (Greg)

Plant Connection Workshop with Colleen Donahoe and Greg Monzel: Ground yourself in nature with plant yoga and pranayama. Play a plant scavenger hunt and practice plant meditation to connect with plants.  Participants are invited to share their experiences.

Mushroom Foraging Hike with Ross Harding and Greg Monzel: Take a hike and forage for edible and medicinal mushrooms. Potential finds include morels, oyster, and chicken of the woods and more.  Discuss ecology of fungi and importance of this kingdom of life.

Healing with Tree Medicines with Greg Monzel: Learn to recognize and honor the healing gifts of the trees.  Discuss edible and medicinal uses of trees, and identify an opportunity to make medicine together.  Prepare a tree medicine together to share with camp.

The relationships that traditional people had with the plants in their environment was significant in every aspect of their life and culture. The songs, ceremonies, and daily choices revolved around the shrubs that were in fruit, the herbs that were in seed, and the roots underground. Every poisonous, edible, and medicinal plant was known. The quality of wood of each species was known from the tension and compression performance for making bows, to the chemical composition for smoking and tanning hides. By the age of 8, a child in a traditional culture would have the knowledge base of the plants in their bio-region comparable to a modern PHD in botany.

Approaching the world of plants can be intimidating, but it is extremely rewarding. Having the knowledge to step outside in any season to grab a handful of wild edible plants is empowering. If you are a survivalist or person of the outdoors, this is essential knowledge.

We Stay Free.