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Overview of shikari mentors

The Shikari Pathway is a one-of-a-kind immersion into all of White Pine’s core skills, techniques, and philosophies. It is an expression of our honored lineage to the ancient Shikari Trackers of India, passed down to our founder Matt by his grandfather Ernie Shull.

Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries in the remote jungles of Northern India, where the Bengal tigers and leopards still roam, lived small bands of Indigenous trackers referred to as Shikaris. The famous naturalist Jim Corbett, from the Kumoan region, was the first Westerner to ever receive the title Shikari. He went on to write dozens of books describing bird language, animal tracking and the fascinating lives of the most notorious predators in the region.  Ernie Shull lived for 20 years in the neighboring Dangs district where he too earned the title and government post of Shikari.

The Pathway of the Shikari is the path of the generalist. Exposure to each of our 5 Pathways reveals their complementary nature.  Years of dirt time and experiential learning bring students from comprehension and competency to confidence and eventual Mastery. The Shikaris utilized animal tracking in synthesis with bird language and ‘jungle etiquette’ to predict animal movements, navigate, stalk and hunt their prey. Thus the Shikaris are the archetype of this Pathway representing the potential of a fully connected human.

White Pine’s unique expression of the 8 Shields Nature Connection Model (Jon Young) provides a year long framework for immersion. Overnight expeditions as well as ongoing correspondence with our Shikari Handbook, guide participants into a profound connection with themselves, their environment, their community, their own ancestry, and the Indigenous to place.

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