The story of the past is written all around us. It is In the soil, on the chews of vegetation, in the smells of scent rubs, in the blood and bone left at a kill site, in ancient trails, in day old deer beds, and in finger smudges left on refrigerator doors. To our ancestors, interpreting these signs accurately was a matter of life or death. To modern man, tracking can occasionally have immediate implications, but more often than not it means a deeper understanding of the nuanced ecology of predator, plant, prey, past and future. This deep ecological perspective results in a new Awareness of the Present, which is what our tracking curriculum is really about.

Of all the skills of our ancestors, Tracking was likely the most influential on the development of our deductive reasoning. Through tracking we developed our faculties of attention and sustained focus. Eventually leading to awareness patterns and prediction abilities that no other animals have.

We evolved to Track. Or more accurately, we evolved, because of tracking. Like all “Primitive Skills” to deny yourself this skill is to deny your birthright as a human. As natural as walking and talking, tracking will integrate into your mind and body. The path to becoming a tracker begins and ends with one question, “What happened here?” Join us on that journey.

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Class Structure

We provide the tools and teach tracking through:

  • Lots of dirt time.
  • Thorough experiential study of animal gaits and movement signatures.
  • Sign, scat and browse analysis.
  • Clear print and foot morphology.
  • Human tracking and the psychology of the lost.
  • Trailing and aging.

Tracking opens a doorway in the mind, it is a lost and ancient form of perception.