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Quest Survival is a comprehensive training in 4 progressive Survival Quests. Students gain lifetime access to each video portal that includes detailed instruction in all of the skills necessary for completing their Quest. 

Are ready to begin or deepen your survival training?

About Quest Survival 1

Students can begin by registering for Quest Survival 1. This provides lifetime access to the Quest Survival 1 learning portal. Here lies comprehensive instruction in our 5 core areas of study: 

  1. Shelter
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Food
  5. Philosophy

Each of the Core study areas contains 5 instructional videos (5 to 30 minutes in length) outlining materials, routines, form, technique, and strategy. Each video accompanies written instruction as well as Q and A mentoring with our professional team.

The goal of Quest Survival 1 is specific, a  24 hour Urban or wilderness survival Quest with only your EDC (every day carry). All of the training will be specific to that.

About the Quest System

Quest Survival was designed by multiple Survival Experts (Amos Rodriguez, Matt Shull) with decades of in field experience. We have mentored thousands of students on their journey and we have observed and analyzed their successes and failures. Primitive skills practitioners are often incredible artists and craftspeople but find deeper and deeper ruts because of a lack of Quest guidance. Whereas backpackers and expeditionists may have a great mentality for Quests but lack the guidance in building comprehensive Bushcraft skills. 

Wherever students are on their journey, we have built out the Quest system with the intention of training Certified Shikari Mentors  where students are required to follow the cadence of the system we have established. That being said, each Quest can be tweaked to meet the needs of each student.

Each Quest must be completed before access is granted to the learning portal of the next Quest. Though it is not required, we advise each student to receive their certificate of completion, patch and acknowledgement in ceremony at our annual Spring Rendezvous.

The 4 Rites of Passage of Quest Survival are as follows:

  1. Coyote: 24 hour Urban EDC
  2. Wolf: 48 hour Wilderness GoBag
  3. Warrior: 100 mile Expedition with customized pack
  4. Shadow: 7 Day Wilderness Survival with pre-established primitive Shelter

Quests increase in difficulty while are all well rounded in comprehension. The beauty of the Quest Survival system is that students dictate the pace of their own learning, as well as the ultimate expression of how those experiences fit into their life and community.

Registration is not yet available, but will be coming soon. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Classes: Stay tuned!

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