Inner Tracking

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Inner Tracking is a dynamic philosophy built on connecting people and communities through cultural preservation and regeneration. Our philosophy is symbolized by an Old Growth White Pine Tree with 5 needles in a bundle:

  • Connection to place
  • Connection to ancestry
  • Connection to self
  • Connection to community
  • Indigenous solidarity

CONNECTION TO PLACE: Through the use of deep ecological practices like animal tracking, navigation, and sensory deprivation work, participants are guided into a deep connection to the bioregion they are in. Working with nature allows us to collaborate with the spirits of the earth. We come face to face with the sickness in the rivers and streams, as well as the strength in the trees, the joy in birdsong, and the hope of renewal.

CONNECTION TO ANCESTRY: Through research and collaboration participants are guided into a living connection with their own ancestry. It is important for each of us to know who we are and where we came from. It has been said that modern culture perceives wisdom to be in the future and traditional cultures perceive wisdom to be in the past. The universal reverence that Indigenous people have for elders as the holders and protectors of knowledge is a form of cultural conservation. Though the link may have been severed for most of us, it is still quite possible to learn of our own Indigenous Ancestry.

CONNECTION TO SELF: Through grounded awareness exercises, contemplation and reflection participants discover an expression of Self that is in accord with all things sacred.

CONNECTION TO COMMUNITY: The courageous practice of inner tracking in partnership with our peers requires the opening of one’s self to constructive criticism.  This is where the rubber meets the road in one’s spiritual practice. 

INDIGENOUS SOLIDARITY: Through stories and direct action participants are guided into the nuanced world of indigenous advocacy work. As the battle at Standing Rock continues we are reminded of the never ending battle for human rights.

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About the Class


Through ceremony, meditation and dialogue, participants are guided through a rigorous process of inquiry. We are all carrying a varying degrees of trauma just from living in this world. Our lives become charades of avoidance, coping and denial. How long can we keep this going? When will we stop and finally face the fear and pain that we are running from? For us to be effective at connecting to place, connecting to ancestry, or solidarity work, we must be fully committed to working on ourselves. We must find our trauma and commit to healing, which is possible only through the grace of intention.

A revolution is occurring that has placed Indigenous People at the front of the environmentalist and human rights movements. How do we support these movements? How do we do this in a good way that honors and supports without appropriating? On this Pathway we directly address the cultural mythologies that have informed our minds with non-sustainable land ethics. We will learn from cultures that have been care taking their land for hundreds of generations. We will create a model for holistic cultural development.

Inner Tracking guarantees a safe place to set the intentions of healing and regeneration.

Inner Tracking is a difficult Pathway. We will offer 3 progressive courses going deeper and more comprehensively into the content. Each course will be a progressively greater time commitment. Additionally, as with all of the Pathway courses, students are encouraged to return.

This is intensive group work on grief, trauma, joy, love and connection. Please consider this before committing. We encourage you to call anytime to discuss your needs with us to see if we agree that the course is right for you.