High Speed Survival

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Overview of High Speed

Survival means different things to different people and “High Speed Survival” has dual meanings:

  • An in-depth study of the skills necessary to survive “on the go” vs. survival in place.
  • Skills that can be absorbed and applied in real time.

Your situation does not stay the same. It is always getting better or worse. The decision to stay or go depends on your level of training. High Speed Survival™ dives deep into the skill-set of getting from A to B safely.

High Speed SurvivalTM exponentially increases operational security for diverse applications. This is the ultimate skill set for those who want or need to travel light without compromising personal safety. This course is the ideal synthesis of primitive survival and practical modern survival.

About the Classes

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Matt Smith and Matt Shull are seasoned primitive skills practitioners and mentors – you will get the highest quality training possible in the country!