High Speed Survival

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Overview of High Speed

Survival means different things to different people and “High Speed Survival” has dual meanings:

  • An in-depth study of the skills necessary to survive “on the go” vs. survival in place.
  • Skills that can be absorbed and applied in real time.

Your situation does not stay the same. It is always getting better or worse. The decision to stay or go depends on your level of training. High Speed Survival™ dives deep into the skill-set of getting from A to B safely.

High Speed SurvivalTM exponentially increases operational security for diverse applications. This is the ultimate skill set for those who want or need to travel light without compromising personal safety. This course is the ideal synthesis of primitive survival and practical modern survival.

About the Classes

This is the most applicable and effective survival curriculum in existence. You will be able to apply what you learn in real time. High Speed Survival will empower you with confidence and critical adaptability to preform when real need presents itself.

Curriculum Includes


  • bow drill
  • hand drill
  • flint and steel
  • low smoke scout fire


  • finding
  • treating
  • carrying
  • hydrating
  • purifying


  • advanced debris hut construction
  • shelters with fire
  • tarps/blankets and bivys
  • location and selection
  • natural shelters


  • what to carry
  • what to cache
  • wild edibles
  • primitive hunting


  • in depth analysis on 4 tiered GoBag system
  • fiber natural and synthetic
  • knives and knife safety
  • adaptations and variation of modern and primitive gear


  • situational
  • global
  • using your senses
  • navigation
  • stalking and tracking
  • contact avoidance
  • mental training

This is a content heavy class with a roughly 60/40 lecture to workshop split. We will load you with every bit of information you will need to prepare for a survival situation, either natural or man made, in any bio-region on the planet. We guarantee comprehensive one on one instruction in every skill covered. High Speed Survival is a one of a kind fusion of modern and primitive approaches to survival. Be prepared for a life changing intensive learning opportunity.

Classes occur only a few times a year, and seats fill up quickly. If you do not see a class listed, give us a shout and we’ll get you on the waiting list.

We are encouraging out-of-state participants. Lodging will be available for free at White Pine Wilderness Academy. Other options are available.

HSS 2 dives into advanced applications of the skills taught in HSS 1 while transitioning more to mitigating an anticipated human threat. Specifically: advanced applications of friction fire, field expedient/low debris shelters, advance small game hunting and additional focus on the psychology of survival. The primary focus of HSS 2 are pursuit tracking/evading a human threat/hunting and moving-on. . Human tracking and counter/ant-tracking is focused on in great detail. Students will be shown the door to push their own tracking skills to the next level and will leave with real-time abilities to move through any environment invisibly.

HSS 3 is a state of the art immersion into wilderness evasion and core HSS skills. Advanced awareness techniques are applied to mechanical avoidance. Invisible high-speed survival is covered in great detail. Students will learn progressive and unconventional movement techniques. Forward thinking strategies built around utilizing cache’s and invisible subterranean shelters will be covered in detail. Students will learn to apply forensic emotional intelligence to human-tracking and psychological survival.

Upcoming Classes:
Event Venue Date
High Speed Survival I ™ Brighton Recreation Area Michigan
  • May 3, 2018 7:00 pm

Questions? Give us a call/send an email and we will get back to you.

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Matt Smith and Matt Shull are seasoned primitive skills practitioners and mentors – you will get the highest quality training possible in the country!