Bows and Arrows - Primitive Arrows, Fletching and Flint Napping Classes


Becoming a member of the White Pine Community is a lifelong journey. Every age, race, religion and sexual identification is welcome here. It may take some time to find exactly how or where you fit in, but our expression of the 8 shields mentoring model can help with that. We truly have a place for everyone and we value our community members beyond everything else. If you find a Youth Program or Adult Pathway course that interests you then jump right in. If you are curious and would like to get a feel for our community first we highly recommend attending one of our quarterly Rendezvous.

Quarterly Rendezvous

Everyone is invited to attend our Quarterly Rendezvous. To stay in the loop on these awesome events we recommend you join our mailing list or join our Facebook group White Pine Council.

Rendezvous  are 3-5 hours on a Saturday or Sunday and are scheduled around the changing of the seasons. Each Rendezvous includes:

  • Shaking off the Dust Open House, Potluck, Live Music, and Free Play
  • Guild activities highlighting the seasonal Pathway
  • Council Meeting

Spring Equinox Rendezvous- Our Herbalism and Foraging community does a great job of providing resources for guilds like making maple syrup, wild rice processing, plant walks etc.

Summer Solstice- Our Survival Skills community leads us in the awesome crafts and skills that make up all of our favorite South Guilds, like flint knapping, forging, fire by friction, tomahawk throwing etc..

Autumnal Equinox- Our Sacred Hunt community leads us in the awesome guilds that make up our West Pathway like archery, atl-atl throwing, field dressing, animal processing etc.

Winter Solstice- Our Inner Tracking community will leads us in all of our favorite North Guilds like storytelling, hide tanning, making moccasins etc.


Once you have found a class or a role within the community, i.e. student, parent, fire keeper, volunteer, instructor, or Elder, you are invited to join any of our groups. These groups gather quarterly or in each Unit (8 times a year) or through pop up missions and events. We manage these groups primarily through Facebook so if you would like to stay in the loop you can ask to join these Facebook groups,

White Pine Council

White Pine Sacred Hunt Community

White Pine Herbalism and Foraging Community

White Pine Inner Tracking Community (invitation only)

White Pine Shikari Mentors Community

White Pine Tracking and Bird Language Guild

White Pine Scouting (invitation only)