Survival Skills

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Overview of Survival Skills

Every person is a survivalist.

Working multiple jobs, paying insurance and bills, navigating traffic, going to school, taking out loans and paying them back. Anyone who can survive this rat race has the ability to survive in nature.

Survival means different things to everyone, every species of animal and plant has different strategies.  The principles we pass on were earned, often painfully, through adaptability, awareness, researched knowledge, physical training, and mental discipline.

Those that have honed these qualities can transition into wilderness survival quite easily.  For those that have not, there is no greater skill to build character and resolve than those learned in survival.  

The Sacred Order

  1. Shelter
  2. Fire
  3. Water
  4. Food

These things are essential and thereby sacred to all life on the planet.  As survivalists, we teach people how to stay alive by any means. As aboriginal technologists, we teach people how to adapt and thrive in their environment. Through the practice of selective harvesting, deep ecology, and caretaking we leave our environment healthier than we found it.

Aboriginal peoples never used the word wilderness.  Their terms for nature are ‘the center of the universe’  ‘the place of the singing rocks’ ‘home’. In this way we embrace a more holistic approach to seeking balance with our environment, yielding, listening, and adapting.

Survival practiced in this way becomes a way of life. We have found that respect for training and a reverence for the skills presented, much like the martial arts, is most effective.    

We have had the honor of teaching many Soldiers and Special Operatives, both active duty and veterans, the skills of survival.  We have learned as much from their tactical, physical and mental training as well as team dynamics as they learned from us.

Basically all knowledge is applicable in Survival.  We often say to our students, “Make yourselves awesome!”   Pick up martial arts, train physically, learn about auto-mechanics, learn a language, develop as a naturalist,  learn to shoot a gun as well as how to make a stone point. All knowledge is valuable. All approaches are worth studying,  their application may prove lifesaving some day.

So we hope you will come train with us.  And just as we learn from the strategies of the squirrels, the coyotes and the sycamore,  we hope to learn as much from your unique set of skills and knowledge that you learn from us.  

Our South Pathway courses will vary every year but will always stay on point with the Sacred Order.

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