The Talking Drum


The Talking Drum is a monthly calendar and article put out by the instructors and friends of White Pine Wilderness Academy. Printed copies can be found in our book store or you may download the latest and previous editions to the right.


Talking-Drum-Fall-2017 “Deep Communication,” Matt Shull

Talking-Drum-Summer-2017 “Birthplace & Lineage,” Matt Shull
Talking-Drum-May-2017 “Realizing Nature’s Gifts,” Kelly Humes
Talking-Drum-April-2017 “How We Can Better American Schools,” Alan E. Hays
Talking-Drum-March-2017 “Art of Mentoring, Vermont,” by Paul Humes
Talking-Drum-February-2017 “Pick the Horse That Will Get You Home,” by Ryan Hadley
Talking-Drum-January-2017 “Ethan Runnels Scholarship Fund”

Talking-Drum-December-2016 “Death Positivity”
Talking-Drum-November-2016 “A Delicate Dialect”
Talking-Drum-October-2016 “Sit Spot Ecology”
Talking-Drum-September-2016 “Creating Culture”
Talking-Drum-August-2016 “Realizing Nature’s Gifts”
Talking-Drum-July-2016 “Beat Bacteria and Breathe Better with Bee Balm”
Talking-Drum-June-2016 “Celts”
Talking-Drum-May-2016 “Walking in Two Worlds”
Talking-Drum-April-2016 “A Guide to Primitive First Aid”
Talking-Drum-March-2016 “Holmegaard Bow”
Talking-Drum-January-2016 “The Artistic Journey”

Talking-Drum-December-2015 “High Speed Survival”
Talking-Drum-October-2015 “Fudoshin & the Wild”
Talking-Drum-September-2015 “Medicine Bundles”
Talking-Drum-July-2015 “Ashtanga Yoga”
Talking-Drum-June-2015 “Summer Solstice”
Talking-Drum-May-2015 “Running Diversity”
Talking-Drum-April-2015 “Honey Bees”
Talking-Drum-March-2015 “Skunk Cabbage”