Eric Wallentine

Summer Camp Instructor



Eric has resided in Indiana over the past eighteen years but is native to Salt Lake City and grew up in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountain Range. He felt drawn to nature from his early days as a boy scout, where he began acquiring skills in woodsmanship. As a teen, he followed his interest in the mountain sports further by working on the Brighton Ski Patrol team. Eric took an early interest in art, particularly with illustration, sculpture, and woodworking.

His first quest landed him in Southern Utah. “This was where I became keenly interested in the appreciation of ancient peoples and desert geology,” Eric recalls. “In the canyons and washes of southern Utah, petroglyphs, pottery, and archaeological sites are readily explored on foot, wheels, or on a climbing rope.”

Centered in Springdale, at the doorstep of the Mukuntaweap (Zion) National Park, he found friends and mentors. From climbers, cyclists, boatmen, and park rangers, Eric learned many wonderful lessons, skills, and more. On the second migration into adulthood, Eric parked his VW bus in Indianapolis. Family life has given him three children and the opportunity to study and develop his art.