Stay Wild.

Youth Camps

White Pine Youth Programs are designed to reconnect children to nature. We offer a variety of Homeschool, After School, Summer, and Seasonal/Holiday Break Camps. Ages 4 and up.

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Tree Frogs
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Flying Squirrels
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Coyote Scouts
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Wolf Scouts
Register: Ages 13+
Warrior Scouts



Community Classes

White Pine has an active community. Classes and events range from permaculture to martial arts, survival skills workshops, and storytelling nights.

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Adult Programs

We offer a full range of expertly mentored wilderness survival and awareness programs for adults. Learn about our four signature Pathways.

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Stay Wild Youth Camps Indianapolis
High Speed Survival

Our Classroom is Nature.
Our Curriculum is Thousands of Years Old.

White Pine Wilderness Academy is located on the island of Rocky Ripple in Indianapolis, Indiana between the White River and the canal. Surrounded by riparian habitat, our classroom is the Eastern Deciduous Woodlands. Our curriculum is aboriginal technology, the knowledge of our hunter gatherer ancestors. We use wilderness survival skills and aboriginal technologies to foster a connection with nature and each other. Our Instructors are masters at their craft and are driven by a passion for knowledge.

Aboriginal Technologies. Ancient Skills.
Coals started
Bows made
Mink Tracks

Our Clients & Partners

IPS - Indianapolis Public Schools
National Powow
Cold Springs Academy
Indianapolis Art Center
The Orchard School
Earth Charter Indiana
Indianapolis Museum of Art
Indy Hostel
White River Alliance
Oaklandon Elementary

Concious Marketing
The Children's House
Wild Nature Project
Wild Nature Project
Give a child the gift of nature

There are many children in the Indianapolis who are hungry to explore nature but whose families cannot afford luxuries like a simple after-school camp.

For a small donation you can give the gift of wonder and discovery to an at-need child here in our local community.

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Sponsor A Youth

Send a kid to class! Small donations, big difference

Visit the scholarship page for details
Train the body through the skills of survival.
Re-pattern the mind through the science of tracking and bird language.
Confront deepest fears through ancient rites of passage.
Integrate these transformative experiences into the wider circles of family and community.
Matt Shull, WPWA